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Solar Panel Installers

At GW Renewable Technologies, we have many years of experience in offering solar PV installations across Somerset, Taunton and any surrounding local areas. We can offer installations for small domestic systems or large commercial system; whatever the size of the system, you can rely on us for a professional solar panel installation.

We are a fully MCS accredited solar panel installer; MCS is a quality assurance scheme that is internationally recognised and it demonstrates that the company is dedicated to meeting tested and rigorous standards. Since we are a member of this scheme, all of our solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are eligible for Feed in Tariff Payment, which is a government incentive scheme that pays you back for any electricity generated by your solar PV system.

Solar PV

We can install systems for house builders, multi-national retail outlets, private customers and local authorities and we have carried out hundreds of installations every year. As a result of this we have developed a very experienced and highly skilled team of solar panel installers, with thorough knowledge of various roof types, systems and fixing methods, to provide an impeccable service across the Somerset and Taunton areas.

Once you make your initial enquiry we will visit the site to make an assessment of the design and size of system that will be suited to the property. This assessment includes the roof structure, roof type and the existing unit. Once the system size is confirmed then we will be able to calculate Feed in Tariff payments that will be received and the amount of energy that will have to be generated.