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Why 2013 Is The Perfect Year To Adopt Solar PV Technology

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The popularity of solar panels, with both domestic and commercial properties, has risen rather sharply in the last few years, helped in part with falling costs, higher energy prices and increased effectiveness of solar PV systems.

With yet more changes in the solar industry, and the energy industry in general, this latest article from us here at GW Renewables looks at why 2013 is the perfect year to adopt solar panels for your home or business.

1. Spiralling Energy Costs
It happens year on year as no surprise, and 2013 is no exception – energy prices are expected to rise once more by roughly £100 per household, bringing the average annual dual fuel bill up to about £1,400. By adopting solar technology for electricity or heating of hot water, you can help to reduce your reliance on expensive grid electricity or gas and, in turn, reduce the cost of household energy.

2. Falling Costs Of Solar Panels
We’ve covered it already in the GW Renewable blog in our last blog post, but there’s been a worldwide drop in the cost of producing solar panels. Not only will this mean that the technology is more readily available, as more panels will likely be produced at this reduced cost, but the savings can get passed onto consumers too – the industry is booming and this is evidence of that fact.

3. More Government Incentive Schemes
The government’s existing feed-in tariff and renewable heat incentive schemes are both still running, rewarding adopters of solar technology with financial incentives. The feed-in tariff, for example, pays users for all electricity generated as well as extra for any not used and fed back into the grid. The government as boosted their incentives this year with the addition of the Green Deal, which ties affordable and low-cost loans to a home for renewable technology such as solar panels.

If you’re looking to make a switch from total grid reliance to a more self-sustaining option, and enjoy the benefits this investment can bring, then get in touch with us here at GW Renewable today. Our experienced solar panel installers specialise in solar PV and solar thermal installations across Somerset, Devon, Bournemouth and many surrounding areas in the south west.

For more information on our services, or to make enquiries about an installation, simply call us today on 0117 972 5340 or contact us direct using our website’s online contact form.

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