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Why 2013 Is The Perfect Year To Adopt Solar PV Technology

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The popularity of solar panels, with both domestic and commercial properties, has risen rather sharply in the last few years, helped in part with falling costs, higher energy prices and increased effectiveness of solar PV systems.

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Going Green: Drop In Solar Panel Prices Boosts Renewable Energy Industry

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A new report published by a renewable energy research firm has suggested that falling prices in the cost of solar panels have contributed to a surge in adoption of renewable energy, as the technology becomes more affordable to the average user.

The Clean Energy Trends report revealed that global revenue for renewable energy increased to $249bn, with the solar power industry doubling every one-to-two years – causing cost prices to fall by about 18% in this time frame.

These price drops have caused a massive rise in the adoption of solar panels and other renewable energy sources, as well as government incentive and loan schemes being instrumental in more people investing in the technology.

With feed-in tariffs still paying out users for electricity that’s generated from the panels, it’s a fantastic time to invest in solar panel technology – costs are at an all-time low, the technology is more efficient and government schemes are still in place to financially help with the transition.

Solar Costs Already Fallen By Two-Thirds

The real-term cost of solar panels (per watt) has already fallen from $7.50 down to $2.50 per watt, with a further $1-per-watt reduction in worldwide costs expected within the next five years. The benefit of these drops not only means that the technology is increasingly affordable for both domestic and commercial users, both of whom have been hit by economic downturns, but it also means that we’re quickly heading for what’s known as ‘grid parity’ – where the renewable options, like solar power, reach the same price as conventional energy resources.

If you’re looking to invest in the growing solar industry, and are looking for renewable energy options in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and the surrounding areas, then look no further than our services here at GW Renewable.

We offer a number of renewable energy options including solar panels, ground source heat pumps and both renewable and energy efficient boilers for your home. Call us today on 0117 972 5340 to discuss your options, arrange an installation or get a quote.

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Warnings Of Looming ‘Energy Crisis’ Highlight Need To Adopt Green Solutions

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Britain is ‘on the brink’ of an energy crisis, which will reach tipping point within five years if attitudes and strategies do not change, the UK’s energy regulator has warned.

Ofgem has lambasted the British government for becoming too reliant on foreign imports of coal, gas and oil and not forming a cohesive and solid strategy for renewable or self-sustainable energy sources. Because of this, the regulator says, energy prices continue to skyrocket – the average annual dual-fuel bill for 2013 is expected to rise to over £1,400.

The regulator’s chief executive, Alistair Buchanan, pointed to countries such as Japan, who have used much of their own resources and rely more on imports than anything else. As a result, the price of gas in the country has shot up by 60% – and Mr Buchanan says that Britain faces the same energy gap if it doesn’t act soon.

Renewable Energy Solution To Dwindling Resources

The ‘near crisis’ is expected, if things continue as they are, to occur no later than 2018 and could even happen as soon as 2015. Even Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, has admitted that within two years the public will be able to feel a ‘pinch’ in energy prices.

There are a number of avenues for solutions, but the key thing is to not rely heavily on energy importing – self-sustainability is paramount to ensuring that consumer energy costs do not spiral out of control. We’ve already seen the proven positive effects of adopting green solutions such as solar panels to both reduce the amount of ‘grid’ electricity used, as well as reduce the overall cost to the consumer in their energy bill.

Thanks to incentive schemes offered by the government, such as the feed-in tariff and loan schemes like the Green Deal, there are a several renewable energy sources which are ideal for UK households to help them avoid feeling the pinch of higher energy costs. Solar panels, ground and air source heat pumps and biomass heating systems all provide the self-sustainable and renewable energy production that the UK sorely needs.

If you’re looking to cut your energy costs, as well as do your bit to reduce the usage of non-renewable resources, then call us at GW Renewable today on 0117 972 5340. Our solar panel, and heat pump installation services are available across Devon, giving you more independence over your energy as well as generating income for your home.

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Beating The Blues: Will My Solar Panels Still Work In Winter?

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As we head away from the dark and dismal winter weather and into the promising nature of spring, tantalising us with the glorious summer weather that waits ahead, now is likely to be looking like a perfect time to invest in solar panels. But many people have concerns of the technology, particularly surrounding efficiency during winter months. So we aim to tackle the question – ‘do solar panels work in winter?’ And the answer, thankfully, is yes – and here’s why!

Feeding Off UV Light, Not Direct Heat

A particularly common misconception, and one that needs to be gotten rid of, is that the heat in the sun’s rays have anything to do with the working of generating electricity in solar panels. What the panels actually feed off is the variety of spectrums within the light itself, including UV light. The cells within the solar panels feed off the solar energy beamed Earthwards

This means that, while the outside temperatures are far lower than they are in the spring and summer months, as long as there is sunlight (and it doesn’t even have to be direct sunlight – though this is obviously better for energy conversion) then you’ll still be able to generate electricity for your home during these shorter days.

The efficiency of domestic solar panels has rocketed in recent years, jumping almost 7% in a couple of years, and their ability to deal with the reduction in sunlight due to shorter days (and the reduction in direct sunlight due to clouds and weather conditions) is better than ever.

Still Generating Income By Generating Power

As you general get less hours of daylight during the winter months, even as we head into spring, then by extension so will your solar panels. As a result of this, you’ll find them generating less power than during the spring and summer months – but still generating significant power nonetheless.

Thanks to the nature of feed-in tariffs paying owners of solar panels for all the power they generate, both what they use and the excess that’s fed back into the grid, even if you end up using slightly more grid power during the winter months you’ll still be receiving payments for whatever you do generate – helping to reduce your costs and provide your home with a cleaner source of power.

With solar panels able to provide your home with electricity and income all year round, 2013 has never been a better year to invest in this fantastic technology. To enquire about our solar panel installation services, and the range of panels we provide here at GW Renewable Technologies, just call us today on 0117 972 5340.

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Saving The Planet & Your Finances: The Benefits Of Grounds Source Heat Pumps

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The popularity of ground source heat pumps is on the rise, as homeowners look for more efficient and cost-effective ways of generating heating and hot water for their homes. As gas and electric prices have risen year on year, so has the demand for a greener and cheaper option.

Ground source heat pumps are one such way – transferring the heat stored in the ground to your home through a series of buried ground loops, giving you heat to utilise for heating your home or providing hot water for everything from washing your hands to taking a shower.

Lower Fuel Bills

The main reason behind the popularity of ground source heat pumps is their generation and transference of heat to your home for heating and hot water systems. In turn, this reduces your dependency on gas or electric heating options and ultimately saves you money on your utility bills.

As with all renewable heating solutions, the biggest savings come when they are replacing electrical heating systems. In the case of ground source heat pumps, you can save as much as £880 a year on your heating bills and reduce your homes annual carbon output by up to seven tonnes of CO2.

Generate Income Through The RHI

Similar to the feed-in tariffs available for those installing solar panels to generate electricity for the home, the government also offers financial incentives for renewable heat sources. As well as solar thermal panels and efficient boilers, the use of ground source heat pumps is also backed by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

This means that in addition to the substantial annual savings on your heating bills, you could also be eligible for payments through the government’s incentive scheme, increasing your savings and generating income.

Low Maintenance

Ground source heat pumps are often referred to as ‘fit and forget’ systems; their simplicity in design and their placement in the ground mean there is rarely any cause to have the systems maintained. You can generally have your ground source heat pump installed and just have annual check-ups to ensure they’re working properly, just like you would for your existing systems but without the likelihood of increased repair costs.

If ground source heat pumps have interested you, or you’re just looking for solutions for renewable energy in Devon and the surrounding area, then call us here at GW Renewables today on 0117 972 53640.

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How Biomass Heating Solutions Can Reduce Your Bills

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We’re all looking for ways to bring our bills down; particularly in the winter months when it seems like the string of numbers on our gas meter readings are going to be a representation of our quarterly bill.

Here at GW Renewables, one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy solutions in Somerset and the surrounding area, we have a number of options for becoming more energy efficient while reducing your bills. You may have overlooked the benefits of biomass heaters, which burn wood chips or pellets, and how the heat they provide can vastly bring down your heating costs.

Much More Affordable

Due to the higher efficiency of our biomass heaters here at GW Renewables, and the much lower cost of fuel, you can make quite extensive savings in the long term by choosing either a pellet or wood stove, or an automatically fed pellet boiler. For example, if you replace an electric heating system in your home in favour of a pellet stove then you can expect to save almost £600 a year.

There is also still government-backed financial support available for wood-fuelled systems, such as the biomass systems we offer here at GW Renewables. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes, from the Energy Saving Trust, currently offer payment incentives ranging from £300 to £1,250 depending on the technology.

Low-Carbon Solution

One of the most important features of biomass heaters, stoves and boilers is the exponential carbon dioxide savings you can expect to have; something we always strive for in supplying renewable energy here at GW Renewables.

Even if you have an efficient gas heating setup, installing a biomass option can save up to three tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, with expected savings of well over seven tonnes a year when replacing an electric system.

If you’re looking for a renewable, cost effective and energy efficient heating solution for your home then consider the biomass options we offer here at GW Renewables. We also offer a range of renewable energy options including air source and ground source heat pumps, and solar panel installations. To find the right renewable solution for your home, call us on 0117 972 5340 or contact us via our website for professional no-obligation advice.

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Feed-In Tariff: What You Need To Know

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When people talk about solar panels the words ‘Feed-In Tariff’ come up; we assume that it’s a good thing but the majority of us have little or no idea what this actually means. Here at GW Renewables we are expert solar panel installers in Exeter and we are committed to helping you to make your home environmentally friendly and save money on your energy bills. We all know that solar panels are a great way to do this but what exactly are the financial benefits of installing solar panels in your home? To help you understand these benefits fully, we’ve put together a quick guide to Feed-In Tariff:

What Is The Feed-In Tariff?

The Feed-In Tariff is a scheme that was introduced by the Government in 2010 and was designed to encourage the public to make their homes more environmentally friendly by offering a financial incentive for homeowners generating renewable energy.

What Are The Financial Benefits For You?

There are three main benefits for homeowners creating renewable energy:

1.    Your electricity supplier will pay you for every unit of electricity that you generate through a renewable source including solar panels.

2.    If you generate more energy than you are using, you will be paid for exporting that electricity back to the grid. This is an additional payment to the initial ‘Generation Tariff’. Put simply, you are paid for creating energy that you use and receive an additional payment for energy that you do not use.

3.    As you are generating a portion of your own energy, you will use and therefore, pay for significantly less energy from your chosen supplier. You will see this saving in your electricity bills as you can save up to 50%.

Here at GW Renewables, by installing your solar panels efficiently and to an exceptionally high standard, we can help you do your bit for our environment and see significant savings on your energy bills. Why not visit our website for more information about our solar panel installation service and our many other renewable energy options?

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What Are The Benefits of Using Solar Panels?

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Solar panels in Cornwall are popping up on roofs up and down the area, left, right, and centre; and if you’re confused why this is, then we at GW Renewables are about to offer you some much needed clarity. There are many advantages to owning solar panels, and while the initial cost may be somewhat off putting, this shouldn’t stop you from taking the plunge and becoming energy efficient.

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Renewable Energy Ideas that Make a Difference

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We are all acutely aware of the importance of renewable energy; fossil fuels won’t last forever and are incredibly damaging to our environment. As much as we’d like to, a lot of us feel helpless to do anything when it comes to renewable energy; you can’t exactly have a wind turbine in your back garden! So what renewable energy ideas can you take advantage of? Here at GW Renewables, we specialise in renewable energy in Devon and are passionate about supplying you with the necessary equipment to start making a difference.

Solar Panels

Everyone knows about solar panels, they’re nothing new; a solar panel takes energy from sunlight and converts it into energy that you can use to power your home, we all know. Despite the benefits of installing solar panels in your home, a lot of us don’t actually know exactly what kind of difference it could make.

-    Up to 50% reduction in energy bills
-    Generating free electricity for your home
-    Saving of over 1 tonne of CO2

By choosing to invest in solar panels, you can save a considerable amount of money and know that you’re directly having a positive impact on the environment. Take a look at our website for more information about our panels and the ‘Feed-In-Tariff’.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a less well-known form of renewable energy but it’s difficult to see why. Our air source heat pumps extract heat from the air and use it to heat your water and your home in much the same way as solar panels do.

An air source heat pump will usually cost around £7,000-£10,000 which is about the same as solar panels but could save almost 6 tonnes of CO2 a year and approximately £760 on your annual energy bills if your home is electrically heated.

The financial savings and environmental impact of every form of renewable energy is dependent upon what energy source it is replacing. Browse our website for more detailed information about solar panels and air source heat pumps; also take a look at our ground source heat pumps. Click here to contact us with any questions or enquiries you may have.

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Renewable Energy Devon

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At GW Renewable Technologies, we specialise in a wide range of renewable energy solutions for customers in and around Devon.

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